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Shoshana Frishberg-Izzo
Owner & Head Baker
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Shoshana Frishberg-Izzo is the head baker and businesswoman behind Brooklyn Rose Vegan Bakery. She is a Brooklyn native, whose name means “Rose” in Hebrew. She became a vegetarian on August 13th, 2006 while taking an Art of Living course in NYC. She became a vegan during the spring of 2012, and hasn’t looked back since.

Shoshana has been baking since middle school. In fact, she was given the title of “cookie goddess” in high school because her cookies were always the first to sell out at bake sales.

BRVB’s recipes developed organically as Shoshana began eating cleaner during her second year of being vegan. Her mindset shifted from eating things just because they were vegan, to eating with intention and purpose. Her focus grew towards body love and self-acceptance, and fully believes that we can eat dessert every day in a way that is loving and kind to our bodies and the world around us.


Kimery Musser
Product Development & Assistant Baker
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Kimery Musser assists with product development and baking. She is a non-native New Yorker who has been swept up by the accessibility and enthusiasm of New York’s vegan community. Her journey to veganism has been a series of gradual shifts; first with regard to her attitude towards what she was eating, and growing to encompass various animal and human rights issues.

Baking has always been her favorite form of culinary expression, and nothing makes her happier than seeing the pleasure on someone’s face after they take a bite of anything she’s made for them. Kimery regards baking as a very personal experience; the end result being a culmination of her mental and physical energy and love, specifically for others’ indulgence.

By day she is a bread-baker, but after-hours you will find her in the kitchen working on her own vegan, gluten-free, and refined sugar-free recipes. Her favorite part of being a vegan baker is being able to give fellow vegans or people with food allergies the feeling that they are not hampered by their diet, but can have their cake, sans butter and eggs, and eat it too.