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Shoshana Frishberg-Izzo
Owner & Head Baker
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Shoshana Frishberg-Izzo is the head baker and businesswoman behind Brooklyn Rose Vegan Bakery. She is a Brooklyn native, whose name means “Rose” in Hebrew. She became a vegetarian on August 13th, 2006 while taking an Art of Living course in NYC. She became a vegan during the spring of 2012, and hasn’t looked back since.

Shoshana has been baking since middle school. In fact, she was given the title of “cookie goddess” in high school because her cookies were always the first to sell out at bake sales.

BRVB’s recipes developed organically as Shoshana began eating cleaner during her second year of being vegan. Her mindset shifted from eating things just because they were vegan, to eating with intention and purpose. Her focus grew towards body love and self-acceptance, and fully believes that we can eat dessert every day in a way that is loving and kind to our bodies and the world around us.



Brooklyn Rose Vegan Bakery is the hottest new bakery to hit Brooklyn this year. We have been lucky to try their creations at a few events in the past months and we were thoroughly impressed! We can’t wait for all of you prom people to try some yummy sweets. You will not be disappointed!Jessica Mahady, Veggie Prom
We recently had a benefit for our non-profit organization at the Pine Box Rock Shop. We asked Brooklyn Rose Vegan Bakery to donate some baked goods for the event. We were so incredibly happy with the generous amount of food that was donated, and the amazing quality and taste of everything! I personally tried the zesty lemon cheesecake and Chocolate Spice Cookies. They were both so wonderful. I highly recommend Brooklyn Rose Vegan Bakery. Shoshana was a joy to work with, and she brings such love and hard work to this amazing bakery.Craig Middleton, Our Hen House
I was lucky enough to sample a couple of Shoshana’s creations at Vegan Drinks, which took place at The V-Spot. Pure luxurious deliciousness. It may sound trite, but the most militant non-vegan would not find fault with her cheesecakes.
It’s obvious that Brooklyn Rose Vegan Bakery has worked hard, with a lot of love, to perfect their recipes… not only was it impossible to tell that the desserts I ate were vegan, but also refined-sugar and gluten-free! If food like this were as ubiquitous as it should be, we’d all be happier and healthier people.
Best food of 2014? Pistachio rosewater macaroons.Chloe Rivera
OMG! Delicious and inventive! Brooklyn Rose is not just another cookie and cupcake place. Shoshana’s creations are really daring and innovative.Honey LaBronx, Vegan Drag Queen
We think Shoshana is the future of vegan food. Her baked creations are delicious, and show first-hand how delicious and accessible veganism can be. We’re big, big fans of Brooklyn Rose Vegan Bakery and look forward to continuing to order her yummies for many events in the future!Jasmin Singer & Mariann Sullivan, Our Hen House